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Kopius Real Estate Solutions, LLC was founded by San Antonio native Ken Aldridge. The Kopius core philosophy is to always treat our clients like family, and manage their situation as if it’s our own.

Many people don't know that when selling real estate, they don't have to (1) hire a real estate agent, or (2) do repairs that are typically necessary when selling a house themselves or with a Realtor. There is a third, and in our opinion "best" option, which is to work with a real estate investor who has the creativity, experience and flexibility to design a solution that is uniquely tailored to fit the seller's situation.

We specialize in helping sellers who need creative options for selling their Real Estate. By working around our client's individual goals, we're able to customize solutions that meet their specific needs. Our process simply empowers you to sell quickly, without Realtor commissions and without the logistics of selling privately. We don't buy every house from every seller, but we maintain a very strong network of active investors from around the U.S. who also pay cash for Real Estate. We are not Real Estate agents, don't charge commissions or fees, and only get paid when we create an offer that is mutually acceptable and escrow is closed.

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